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Copyright and Usage Rights Policy

The recipient(s) of the image(s) are requested to give photographic acknowledgment on all images utilized in print & multimedia publication and distribution; video broadcast and distribution; and on the web to: ‘www.peterjordanphoto.com’. All images are ©www.peterjordanphoto.com and may not be altered in any way, alone or with any other image(s), by use of a computer or other electronic means, without specific permission from Peter Jordan Photography. Images may be used by Peter Jordan Photography for self-promotion and/or marketing purposes.

What Information We Collect from You

Usage Data

Like almost all Web sites, we keep a log of all requests for pages that we send to users. These requests identify the kinds of browsers that you are using and a computer host address that you are associated with. These requests do not necessarily identify you personally. In any case, our policy is never to identify individual users but rather to collect data so that we can determine which pages get the most frequent use, how many users in the aggregate come from corporations, what kinds of browsers people are using, and so forth. To reiterate: our policy is never to use log data to try to identify individual users and their usage.

If you subscribe to our e-mail notification service, send in a comment, or suggest a change to the site, we collect your name and address for the purpose of replying to you and for gathering aggregated statistics about user demographics. You can unsubscribe to this list atany timee. We do not provide this information to anyone outside of Peter Jordan Photography Inc. administration. We do share it among authorized staff members for purposes of reply and compiling demographic information that could be used for online questionnaires.

Periodically, we conduct an online survey of users for the purpose of compiling additional demographic and other information intended to help serve users better. Similarly, we do not provide this information to anyone outside of Peter Jordan Photography Inc. administration and we share it among staff members only for purposes of compiling demographic information.


The programs that we or any of our ad representatives may use to rotate any ad banners, store a cookie or small file on each user’s hard disk for the sole purpose of determining what ads to send to the user. These cookies do not gather any information other than what ads have been previously served.

Opt-In EMail Lists

Peter Jordan Photography Inc. may from time to time through affiliate partners offer users the ability to voluntarily sign up to receive e-mail in certain user-selected interest categories. This information is shared with both the affiliate company and with other companies who purchase names from them for marketing purposes. It is our policy that users who elect to sign up for this kind of e-mail clearly understand what they are signing up for.

How to change Information

You can change information provided by sending us an e-mail note, describing the requested change. We will file this with the original data. However, we may not change any questionnaire findings unless we receive changes from a significant number of those who answered the questionnaire.

Cookie Removal

You can delete a cookie that is on your hard disk at any time, using your operating system facilities. You can tell your browser not to accept cookies or to ask you each time a Web site wants to send you a cookie.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, security policy or copyright and usage rights policy, please e-mail us at: info@peterjordanphoto.com or call us: (602) 258-9466.