The Greatest Casualty is Being Forgotten
June 4, 2013
July 30, 2013

Monterey, CA – Peter had the privilege of photographing the essence of fusion-guitarist, Pat Metheny at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Metheny performed several songs during his set with a custom-made Pikasso I, created by Canadian luthier, Linda Manzer. Pat Metheny’s extremely versatile style incorporates elements of rock, jazz fusion, progressive and contemporary jazz, post-bop & latin jazz. Pat has three gold albums and 20 Grammy Awards to his credit.

“Rock On” is so much more than a two-word description. An expression that symbolizes energy, hard-work, dedication, lifestyle & freedom. To view more Rock N’ Roll images please visit: Music Legends As you view the photographs, we encourage you to Google or search iTunes/YouTube to discover more of the wonder of this tremendously talented artist. Great memories embraced in music!

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