I Conquered the Camel – 34,000 Times!

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December 6, 2012
December 20, 2012

PHOENIX, AZ ~ He’s a valley hiker with an inspiring story. Sam Wagman began hiking Camelback Mountain three times a day, six days a week, for 37 years. Wednesday was his last daily hike. He’s retiring. So that morning, there was a surprise waiting for him at the mountaintop. “1975. I’ve been doing it every day except Sundays, three times a day.” That’s more than 34,000 times. On November 28th – his 78th birthday, he wrapped up his amazing regimen. The mountain is no walk in the park. It has been known to thoroughly test the heartiest 20 year-old. For more photos of Sam’s last day on the mountain, please checkout: www.peterjordaneventphotos.com/sam

What was waiting for him before the break of dawn? A big party on top of Camelback Mountain. Dozens up friends hiked up to greet him at the mountaintop for his final hike at sunrise. “On behalf of all your friends on Camelback Mountain, you have been the most consistent thing on this mountain, you are always a happy face, you’re always here.” A parade of friends with gifts greeted him at the top. Sam opened every card and present, including a memory book filled with photos, and a trophy.

Over 34,000 hikes, a record for all time to come. Sam has lived an amazing life. He’s a Holocaust survivor. All his friends say he’s an inspiration. “Happy birthday, thanks for inspiring us, I’ve told your story, I tell your story 100 times,” a friend said to Sam.

Sam says these daily hikes keep his body strong — but his knees are giving him trouble acheter viagra 10 pilules. So what’s his plan now? “I’ll be walking or hiking but on level ground only. I wish I didn’t have to but I have no choice.” Everyone who came up to the mountain met him during a hike.

“And a lot of gifts and a lot of laughs and good times. It gives you a great feeling in the morning, a desire to go on living. It’s beautiful… Especially when you get up and it’s still dark and you see the whole city. All you see is lights shining.”

Sam’s knees just won’t allow him to hike the mountain three times a day, all week long anymore. But some of his friends are hoping he’ll take a couple more hikes sometime just for old time’s sake.

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