Dana, we’re not worthy!

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May 23, 2014
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June 17, 2014

Dana Carvey born today June 2 is quite the character! Carvey is best know for his brilliant roles on Saturday Night Live such as Hans of Hans and Franz, Ross Perot, George H. Bush, Garth Hagar and The Church Lady – “Well, isn’t that SPE-CIAL?” What wasn’t so special was his 1997 open heart surgery when the doctor operated on the wrong artery! -“How con-VEEN-ient!” Carvey sued for medical malpractice and donated the eight million in damages to charity. Dana quipped when we were shooting photo-ops that there were a lot worse places to be than the Phoenician in October, it’s 111 here in Phoenix today – “Could it be…SATAN?” How old is Dana today, we’re not gonna say wouldn’t be prudent for this juncture.

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