All the Best ~ George Herbert Walker & Barbara Bush

The Chamber of Scottsdale
November 26, 2018
Camelback Santa
December 10, 2018

I have many fond memories of photographing POTUS 41 and 43 through the years. The best one was when we finished up our photo-ops in the Aztec room at the amazing Arizona Biltmore.  My dear Mom, Mary was seated outside patiently waiting for all of the commotion to be over. As President George H was headed to the motorcade he saw Mom and asked her where she was from. Mom, being a proud Texan, and the former President had the dearest Texas conversation for about five  minutes, much to the chagrin of Presidents Bush’s handlers, giving her a memory she never forgot!

Thank you President Bush, we appreciate your service, kindness and You through the years. George and Barb Bush are together again, two points of light that have ignited countless others with their examples…

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